Hospital Outreach Ministry

Hospital Outreach Ministry provides meals to family members of patients in Cardiac Short Stay and the Critical Care Unit at CHI Memorial -- Glenwood. Family members can feel vulnerable, stressed, and overwhelmed while waiting to receive updates from medical staff and awaiting the opportunity to see their loved ones who are experiencing life threatening situations and serious physical ailments. Many family members are reluctant to leave the areas, even for a moment. Providing these meals, at no cost to the families, is a means to help meet physical needs and relieve unnecessary stress.

Most importantly, the ministry provides the opportunity to demonstrate Christian love and offer spiritual encouragement and comforting on-the-spot prayer to those in need. If desired, family members may submit written prayer requests and receive gospel tracts. Afterwards, the written prayer requests are divided among the Grace participants to include in their daily prayers for as long as desired.

  July 2021