Grace Baptist Tabernacle Tract Ministry Update                   April, 2018

To:  Pastor Jeffrey A. Carter
From:  Sister Delilah Cox Samples

The Grace Baptist ​Tabernacle ​Tract Ministry maintains two tract racks within the church and distributes Spanish and English tracts bi-monthly at a second location.  The ​2 Clean Laundromat located at 5100 Dodds Avenue is the second location.  We distribute approximately 3,000 tracts a year within the church and encourage church members to distribute tracts at other locations in the city such as at Wal-Mart, hospitals, shopping malls, and on special holidays.  We maintain tracts to be given out for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veterans’ Holidays, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.  The majority of our tracts deal with salvation, but there are also tracts available on Sunday School attendance, Church attendance, bereavement, baptism as well as on theological issues such as the Rapture, The second coming of Christ, and Hell.  We order tracts which are written specifically for adults, teenagers, and young children.  

In 2017, we gave approximately 2,000 tracts to our Missionary Doris Olorunlowo and her son, Gabriel, to take back to Nigeria on May, 2017.  This was an assortment of the tracts mentioned above as well as tracts on how to witness to Jewish people, Mormons, and Jehovah Witnesses.  Also in 2017, Grace donated $200.00 to the Fellowship Tract League which gives us tracts free of charge.  

Our outreach at the 2 Clean Laundromat located at 5100 Dodds Avenue was started with the approval of Pastor Carter on September of 2017.  Fernando and Monica Calderon who maintain the Laundromat requested that I give them tracts for the tract rack which they supplied and set up themselves.  I fill the rack up with about 48 tracts monthly which are labeled with our church address and the standard Grace Baptist Tract with our pastor’s picture is also displayed.  Eighty percent of the tracts are in Spanish and cover the same topic areas mentioned above.  Monica mentioned to me on 3/19/2018 that the number of Spanish customers has increased since we started putting out our Gospel tracts.  I pray that we will continue to be able to supply tracts at this location.  Glory be to God, the Father, for all of His provisions.

In addition to having a large assortment of Spanish tracts for distribution at our Dodds Avenue location, we have a small number of tracts in German, Hindu, Chinese, Chinese Simple, Arabic, Philippine, Japanese, and Vietnamese (about ten to fifteen each).  Grace members need to ask me to special order tracts in these languages or the languages that they want to reach out to in order to give others the Gospel in their own tongue or language.

It is my prayer that more of our members will avail themselves of this important resource.  Except for one tract (“Vote for Jesus” which is NKJV) all of our tracts use only KJV scripture, and I read each one before I order the tract.  

Our current need through the end of the fiscal year 

​ending on December 2018 is for:

  1.  Salvation tracts for Children and youth in Spanish and English.
  2. “Baptism My Next Step” Tract from PARTNERS In Ministry.
  3. Halloween tracts in Spanish and English.
  4. “What Is The GOSPEL?” from Good News Tracts.
  5. Words of Comfort Booklet (Author: Pastor James Sanders)  booklet on bereavement.

We have tracts for all other occasions.  Thank you ​and all of Grace Baptist Tabernacle​ for your support and your prayers.  May Jesus continue to direct our paths and this ministry.​

                                    33rd Annual IBF Conference
             June 25-28 2018



Grace Baptist Tabernacle
2551 Tunnel Blvd.
  Chattanooga, TN. 37406
      Hosted by: Pastor Jeffrey A. Carter

Greetings to all the pastors, preachers, missionaries, laymen, families, and people of God,

I am happy to say that Grace Baptist Tabernacle in Chattanooga, Tennessee will be hosting the 2018 Annual National IBF Conference this June. We are thrilled to have the IBF back in Chattanooga. Grace is one of the churches that the Lord used as the IBF was birthed back in the 80’s and has hosted the IBF on multiple occasions since its inception and we look forward to doing so this year.

I want to invite each and everyone of you to come to this wonderful conference where you will hear some of the finest, spirit-filled preaching and singing and enjoy a time of fellowship with like-minded followers of Jesus Christ.

Pastors, we are very excited to invite your single young adults to the IBF conference this year!  The millennial generation needs Biblical teaching just as every other generation. I have therefore planned several sessions strictly directed to issues that these young adults face. My hope and prayer is that after coming to the IBF conference they go back revived to serve Christ in their local church.  So please let all of your young adults know that at this year's IBF we will have something especially for them.

As always, we want you to bring your teenagers as well because they too are a part of the IBF and we will have something especially for them also. Please reach out to the young people of your church and encourage them to come to the IBF.

I want to personally let you know that the IBF is very special to my heart. The Lord has used this conference and the preachers in it to speak to me in so many ways since I was just a little boy. I am looking forward to seeing what God will do in and through the IBF in the upcoming days and specifically during our National Conference this coming June.

On behalf of all the people at Grace Baptist Tabernacle, I want to go ahead and extend a warm welcome to you and let you know that the staff and members of Grace are already preparing and working very hard, by the Grace of God, to make this IBF conference another successful and memorable one, for the glory of the Lord. We are praying for each and every one of you, and we are looking forward to being with you this summer.

May the Lord bless each one of you!

Pastor Jeff Carter 

Grace Baptist Tabernacle

2551 Tunnel Blvd.

Chattanooga, TN 37411

Registration and Conformation

Pastor Name _________________________________

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____ I Plan to attend the IBF Conference  June 25 -28, 2018

____ I plan to attend Lunch at Grace each day

How many from your local assembly will attend?

_____ Adults  -  ____ Children (12 and under) - _____Youth (13 and older)

Please mail to  Grace Baptist Tabernacle, or E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                                                   CHURCH HISTORY

                              Establishment of our Local Assembly – Grace Baptist Tabernacle                                                  An Independent Fundamental Baptist Church In 1977, Dr. Marshall Robinson founded an Independent Mission on Chamberlain Avenue which is known today as Grace Baptist Tabernacle Church. With Seven peoples, the families of Pastor Robinson and Brother Clarence Ray, attended the first worship service. After growing to a membership of eighty-five people, a date was set to declare the mission an organized church. However, two weeks before the ceremony a fire destroyed the building at Chamberlain Avenue. Services were held two weeks at the home of Sister Maxie Conner, the Pastor’s mother. The mission moved to the East Chattanooga Elementary School for about Two months and then relocated to a storefront on Dodds Avenue. In May of 1980, the mission was organized as an Independent Baptist Church.       

       Our mission is to preach the gospel and to mature those who accept the                                            Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior:

Associate Pastor, Richard Tate and Reverend Joe Campbell were ordained and installed as the first Associate Pastors. Brother R.V. Brown was ordained as the first Deacon. As attendance increased, the Dodds Avenue storefront could no longer seat everyone. Pastor Robinson and Brother Ray Fulton met and prayed for God’s direction. The following Sunday morning there was standing room only for the morning worship service. December of 1983:  The congregation broke ground at the present location of 2551 Tunnel Boulevard. When Phase I was completed, Bro. Bernard King offered a prayer of dedication. A service was held in the lower level, which is now the Fellowship Hall. July of 1987:   Bro. John Geeter Jr. was appointed Youth Pastor. February of 1992:     Phase II (The Sanctuary), the upper level was completed. The congregation marched into the church singing “Amazing Grace”. Sister Sandra Settles and Bro. Ray Fulton offered prayers of dedication. June of 1994:     The congregation celebrated the combined Church and Pastor’s Anniversary ceremony, symbolizing the paying off of the Church Mortgage. July of 1994:     Dr. John Geeter Jr. was ordained as Youth Pastor.

January of 1998:     Grace Baptist was chosen to host the “Torch Conference” the late Dr. Lee Robinson, founder of Tennessee Temple University was one of the guest speakers. Grace Baptist Institute opened its doors with an enrollment of fifteen students. Dr. Jessie Broadnax was chosen as the Dean. The Institute’s mission is to equip men for the ministry to which the Lord has called them.

June of 1999:     A Deed Burning Ceremony was held at the 19th Church and Pastor’s Anniversary, This ceremony symbolized the paying off of the Church Mortgage. December of 2000: Grace Baptist Institute’s first graduation. Dr. Winston Leonard was the keynote speaker. The graduates were Sister Paula Allgood, Brother Marty Davenport and Brother Donnell Tolliver. They received a fully Accredited Degree. January of 2002: Four men were licensed to preach the gospel, Brother Marty Davenport, Ricky Allgood, Thomas Colin Settles and Greg Beck. February of 2002: The Ordination of Four Deacons: Brother Derrick Patterson, Ralph Freeman, Ricky Allgood and Darryl Higgins. April of 2007:       The church body voted Dr. John Geeter Jr. as Senior Pastor. Dr. Marshall Robinson preached the Installation message, and Evangelist R.V. Brown gave the Charge. December of 2007: Grace Baptist Presented The “First Drive-Thru-Nativity”. January of 2008:     Ordination of Bro. Marty Davenport as Youth Pastor. Bro. Darryl Higgins was License to Preach the Gospel. April of 2008:         Grace Baptist incorporated a yearly 2-Day “Young Adult Revival” May of 2010:         Grace Baptist Institute/College first graduation. Dr. David Carr President MBC, commencement speaker. Bachelor Degree conferred upon Rev. James Collins Jr.

June of 2011:       Grace Baptist was host to the “IBF Annual Conference” October of 2012: The Ordination of Bro. Colin Settles as Pastor, Church Plant in Athens, Ga.

January 4 of 2015: Pastor John A. Geeter Jr. Resign as Senior Pastor from Grace Baptist Tabernacle Church. June 26 of 2016:  The Ordination of Jeffrey A. Carter as Pastor. July 17 of 2016:   The church body voted Pastor Jeffrey A. Carter as the Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Tabernacle Church. July 31 of 2016:   The Installation for Pastor Jeffrey A. Carter, Pastor Greg Dennis preached the installation, Bro. Ed Carter gave the prayer and Bro. Gerald Jones held the ceremony.